The Professional Paint Brush Cover Holder 3 Inch Made in The USA Design Innovative Products LLC (1-Pack)

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The Professional Paint Brush Holder/Cover to hold 1/2 to 3 Inch Brushes from Design Innovative Products LLC (Made in the USA)

  • Prevents wet paint brushes from drying between coats without clean-up
  • Saves time and money & great for environment
  • Made from chemically resistant polypropylene plastic resin
  • AIR TIGHT, STURDY, and durable design
  • One size holder that fits 1/2" to 3" size brushes with different lengths and shapes
  • Super easy to store, snap shuts instantly offering convenience
  • Easy to wash to reuse it again and again
  • Product details: material: plastic; color: translucent; length" 14.5" (incl. 0.5" hook); width" 4" (from hinge to tab); height: 1"
  • AIR TIGHT: holder snaps to completely cover the brush (with no stem opening) to provide complete air tightness, so wet paint brush stored inside will last longer.
  • DURABLE: vertical post is provided to secure the paint brush inside. No foam seal or other means to close the stem opening, so this product is sturdy and durable.
  • RIB FEATURE: ribs provided to keep the brush slightly tilted (vs. flat) when storing, that offers additional support to maintain the bristles shape. Ribs help in preventing any excess paint coming into the handle side when kept flat. Ribs also help in easily taking paint brush in and out of the holder.
  • ONE SIDE LABEL: you can see our product label is glued to only one side, so you can see through the condition of paint brush from other side.
  • Made in the USA (patent status pending)
  • Listing is only for paint brush holder, paint brush will not be part of your order.
  • Shark Tank Likwid Concepts paint brush cover Competition and better performing product.

Paint brush holder patented design is AIRTIGHT and DURABLE. Now it is super easy to store paint brushes, solving painter’s night mare. Because of brush holder's airtight design (that completely covers the brush without any stem opening), you can store paint brushes for hours and days and more without any fears of them from drying out. Test it yourself for your project requirements. When you need to run for an errant, just scoop little extra paint on brush and place it inside and snap shut to close, when you comeback, you will be ready to resume your job, without any fears of paint brushes getting dried out. Say good bye to messy cheap plastic wraps or plastic bags options of storing paint brushes. No more wasting time on (unnecessarily) washing paint brushes now. It provides environmentally friendly option, with no wasting of water or washing off of harmful paint chemicals down the drain. Now you can store your clean brushes as well without fear of getting damaged, offering safest option. One size holder fits brushes from 1/2 inch - 3 inch. You can easily wash the paint brush holder as and when required.