How It Works

The Paint Brush Cover is made from polypropylene plastic resin. In addition, the cover is made of clear, hard, sturdy, and durable plastic to ensure the bristles are protected no matter how bad the brush is tossed. Plus, it prevents wet paint brushes from drying between coats, and you can keep it without cleaning for several days.

This paint brush holder is airtight; thus, covering your brush without any form of opening. Additionally, with the option of the zip-lock plastic bag, it is possible for you to store your paintbrush for over 30 days without bristles drying out. Moreover, it features a rib which keeps your brush slightly tilted when storing it. The rip feature also gives the much-needed support whenever you want to take your brush out and in.  

With a secure vertical post, you won’t need a foam seal to close its stem opening. Besides, it’s easy to wash and can be reused. The product label is on one side, so you can see the status of your Wooster brush from the other side.

Also, this paint brush cover saves you the unnecessary time you spend on washing your paint brushes. You can safely store your brush in its wet state. You can stay away from the messy plastic covers even if they are cheap, because with this type, you are assured of quality, durability, and in addition to that, it is environmentally friendly. You won’t waste much of your time washing off the harmful chemicals down the drain. To wash it, you can use some of the available solutions from Sherwin Williams painting supplies. Ensure your brush is dry before you return it.

If you are a professional painter who normally gets painting gigs, then this is the ideal paint brush cover for your painting brushes. It can comfortably hold various brushes of different sizes and lengths. It will also greatly reduce the amounts of money you have to spend on buying brush holders for each of your brushes.

Additionally, a one size holder can fit brushes from ½-inches to 3-inches; hence, with this holder, you won’t have to buy other brush holders for your brushes that range between the lengths of ½ inches to 3 inches. If you are looking for a Paint Brush Cover with top-notch features, easy to use, and cost-effective, then you should consider this Paint Brush Cover.