About Us

Waste from spent paint brushes can often cause a wide range of unnecessary contaminants in the water supply and more. By using the paint brush holder like the one that we have designed console paint brush waste and eliminate a large amount of chemical runoff.

Preventing paint contaminated water from entering into our water supply and eliminating excess wash ups can be very important. As cleaning paint brushes is also an extremely inconvenient task, we want to make sure that we can prevent this time sink that often causes people the wastewater, excess paint, and money.

Our product preserves paint brushes and allows us to seal off a wet paintbrush from drying shortly after its use. There is no need for the ongoing messy processes of painting or having to clean your brushes after every single use. Wasting money, time, and resources can all be spared with the help of the right product.

The airtight seal ensures you can paint, set the brush away, and then return to the same project with ease. There is no need to wash up or worry about your paintbrush drying overnight.

We tested our products with several professional painters, and we also worked to make sure that the product would work time and time again with a series of brush manufacturers. We designed the product with the best quality materials in mind and with a superior quality plastic that could be stacked. We wanted to make sure that storage could be handled just as easily as any of the paint brushes after they came out of the package.

We want to thank everyone that has supported our product to this point. We feel strongly that this is an item that can improve our world and reduce paint waste, ecological chemical leaching across the world. By supporting the paint brush holder, you are supporting a newer, greener method for painting.