The Professional Paint Brush Cover Holder 3 Inch Made in The USA Design Innovative Products LLC (1 Pack)

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The Professional Paint Brush Cover Holder 3 Inch Made in The USA Design Innovative Products LLC (3 Pack)

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The Professional Paint Brush Cover Holder 3 Inch Made in The USA Design Innovative Products LLC (5 Pack)

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The Professional Paint Brush Cover Holder 3 Inch Made in The USA Design Innovative Products LLC (10 Pack)

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The Professional Paint Brush Cover Holder 3 Inch Made in The USA Design Innovative Products LLC (20 Pack)

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The Professional Paint Brush Cover Holder 3 Inch Made in The USA Design Innovative Products LLC (Variety pack)

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How It Works

A Great product to make your paint life easier Than ever.

The Professional Paint Brush Holder/Cover to hold 1/2 to 3 Inch Brushes from Design Innovative Products LLC (Made in the USA)

About the paint brush holder

Paint brush holder patented design is AIRTIGHT and DURABLE. Now it is super easy to store paint brushes, solving painter’s night mare. Because of brush holder's airtight design (that completely covers the brush without any stem opening), you can store paint brushes for hours and days and more without any fears of them from drying out. Test it yourself for your project requirements. When you need to run for an errant, just scoop little extra paint on brush and place it inside and snap shut to close, when you comeback, you will be ready to resume your job, without any fears of paint brushes getting dried out. Say good bye to messy cheap plastic wraps or plastic bags options of storing paint brushes. No more wasting time on (unnecessarily) washing paint brushes now. It provides environmentally friendly option, with no wasting of water or washing off of harmful paint chemicals down the drain. Now you can store your clean brushes as well without fear of getting damaged, offering safest option. One size holder fits brushes from 1/2 inch - 3 inch. You can easily wash the paint brush holder as and when required.



    holder snaps to completely cover the brush (with no stem opening) to provide complete air tightness, so wet paint brush stored inside will last longer.


    ribs provided to keep the brush slightly tilted (vs. flat) when storing, that offers additional support to maintain the bristles shape. Ribs help in preventing any excess paint coming into the handle side when kept flat. Ribs also help in easily taking paint brush in and out of the holder.


    vertical post is provided to secure the paint brush inside. No foam seal or other means to close the stem opening, so this product is sturdy and durable.

  • MORE THAN 30 DAYS STORAGE: The Paint Brush Cover is made of a clear, hard, durable plastic, to ensure that the bristles are protected no matter how badly your brush gets tossed around. Prevents wet paint brushes from drying between coats, without clean-up for several days, and optionally you can store with zip-lock plastic bag for 30 days and more for longer storage.

  • UNIQUE DESIGN COVER: The unique design of the cover allows for easy storage. Simply put it in your tool box, bucket or just throw it on your work bench. We highly recommend "spinning" your brush dry (either by hand or mechanicl spinner) to ensure optimal shape.
  • DURABLE & AIRTIGHT PLASTIC: One of the best features of the Paint Brush Cover is its ability to create an Airtight seal during usage. If a break is needed, such as lunch, simply place the brush in the cover and close the lid until the locking mechanism is secured. When you return from your break, simply open the cover, take out your brush and continue on like you never stopped.

  • GREAT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: No more dried paint or ruined brushes, can also be used to store your brush after use without fear of damaging your bristles, 1 size fits most brushes 1/2"-3", easily washable & great for the environment, as seen on ABC's hit show shark tank.


Why store paint brushes wet?

Storing your paint brushes wet can be an environmentally friendly solution. Rather than having to constantly wash off paint brushes or let harmful chemicals fall into your drain, you can store your paint brush wet and reuse it whenever you need to make a new application of the same paint. Rather than chemicals leaching into your drainage system or having to waste a countless amount of water cleaning the same paint brushes, there is a much simpler way to keep paint brushes for storage. It also saves your time on clean-up and money. So overall storing wet brushes will be an efficient option. 

Will the paint brush holder cover preserve my brush overnight and weekends?

If you are tackling a particularly difficult painting project and you need to store your brush overnight between coats, you can easily use the paint brush cover to protect your brush and make sure that it's ready for your next painting session. This can really ease the burden of painting your own home or working between several jobs as a professional painter. This is truly a time-saving solution for anyone tackling a painting project. The device is completely airtight so paint won't dry on the brush for the stated period.

How long can you store the brush in the cover?

The Paint Brush Holder can store your paint brush for more than a week, 7-15 days. Before storing wet brushes, scoop a little extra paints on bristles for longer storage. We recommend storing the brush holder in flat horizontal position for longer storage life so that paint on the bristles will keep it moist, rather than paints collecting down when you store it in vertical position. However, one can place wet brushes in a zip-lock bag and then store it inside brush holder for a longer storage in some specific requirements. We typically recommend you to test it first for your project and storage requirements.

Is the item easy to use?

Yes, the Paint Brush Cover Holder is user-friendly and convenient. You do not need to get training on how to use it. All you need is to store your paint brush after using. The cover has a unique design for easy storage. You can store the cover in your toolbox, or work bench, or garage. It is made of plastic material for maximum protection of the bristles. You also do not need to clean the brush regularly when you store it on the Paint Brush Holder.

What is the color of the Paint Brush Holder?

Paint Brush Holder Cover is (translucent to) clear. Additionally, transparency allows one to see the status of wet paint brushes when storing to able to understand paintbrush getting dried out or not and if needed one can scoop additional extra paints to prolong the storage of your wet brushes.

What brand of paint brush is this compatible with?

We offer compatibility with many different brands of standard paint brush including Sherwin-Williams, Wooster Pro, Purdy, Blue Hawk, and many more paint brush brands. The product works to preserve bristles as well as prevent messes. You can store any one of these manufacturers’ brushes in our product with confidence knowing that the device can protect your brush.

Are paint brush holder stackable?

Yes, we have designed our paint brush cover to be completely stackable and storable. You can store multiple brushes or multiple colors on top of each other for any type of painting project. This can give you options when it comes to hobby painting, painting professionally and more.

How do you make sure the paint brush holder is sealed?

All of our paint brush covers undergo strict quality control process. We want to make sure that every product properly seals and can protect a paint brush in the event that you are going to be storing it inside the cover. We use state-of-the-art machinery and advanced QC techniques in order to make sure that every product is guaranteed for our customers. We test the product with a wide range of paint brush brands to make sure that its compatibility with the latest painting products too.

Can I use this product with water-based paint and oil-based?

Yes, the Paint Brush Cover Holder works for both latex and oil-based paints. No matter the type of paint you are using, the Paint Brush Holder cover will be effective. However, keep in mind oil paints dry really quickly, so one can only store for 1-2 days of oil painted brushes.
No matter what type of painting you are planning on doing, this is a product that can work to save your brushes in the future. We have designed this product to be completely compatible with any type of paint. We want to make sure that it is a piece of your painting supplies you can hold onto. No matter what brand of paint or type of paint that you're going to be using, this is a product that can be extremely beneficial for your painting project.

How durable is the paint brush holder?

The Paint Brush Holder cover is known for its durability. It is made of hard, clear, and durable plastic. The brush can last for a long time without wear and tear. One of the features that make the brush durable is the one piece airtight seal design it offers. Once you store your brush, the seal is tightly locked, and you can start painting using the brush immediately. Additionally the vertical post of the design is provides better durability vs. foam seal with stem opening aired on QVC and Shark Tank.

How large is the paint brush holder?

If you have a set space or you'd like to stack many of these on top of one another, this is a 4 inch wide product with 14.5 inches of length and 1 inch height. You can often fit 4 or more in a small space making it the perfect storage option for anyone that regularly paints. The snapshut lid and the stacking nature of this product make it the perfect storage choice.
Also to note is the size of paint brush cover holder fits variety of sizes and shapes of paint brushes, ranging from 1/2 inch to 3 inch size brushes. The paint brush cover holder design makes it ideal for storing and carrying it around conveniently.

Can you clean the paint brush holder?

Yes, after you have finished using the paint brush cover and you would like to switch over to a brand-new paint brush for storage or to a different paint color, the device can really quickly wash out. With a bit of paint remover or some soap and water you can quickly wash out the inside of the device and make it ready for use with a brand-new paint brush. We wanted to design this product to make sure that it would be extremely convenient to take brushes in and out of and for fast cleaning.
Overall the Paint Brush Cover Holder can be washed and reused again. Washing the cover is very easy, and you can be washed when required to use it again, and to wash it to store dry brushes as well.

What type of paint brush bristles is brush holder compatible with?

The holder can account brushes from half an inch all the way up to three inches with a variety of different bristles type. Whether you are using natural bristles or synthetic this is a product that can hold your paints and supplies with ease. It also serves as the perfect storage container for preserving top-quality paint brushes. If you have natural hair brushes that require specific conditions, this airtight storage compartment is one of the best ways to keep these brushes from drying out.

How many cover holders do I get after purchasing?

It depends on the variety pack you purchase. Currently we sell it in 1 pack, 3 pack, 5 pack, 10 pack and 20 pack quantities. However, if you want more paint brush holders, you should add in your order accordingly. Also for wholesale quantity and pricing, you can contact us.

Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

If you are a professional painter and this is a product that you could use as part of your regular painting supplies, we may be able to work out a bulk deal or discount on these products for you. Our paint brush cover could serve as an excellent asset to a professional painter on the go. Contact us for wholesale quantities and pricing.

Does the system work with paint rollers?

If you have large wall rollers or smaller roller style paint products, this is not a system that is designed for use with a traditional roller. Our product is designed for paint brushes and to store wet brushes during painting project as well as dry brushes after use. Only one paint brush can fit in at a time.